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This Is What My Dog Does With Hair Clips

This Is What My Dog Does With Hair Clips
Today Tucker revisited his archenemy....the hair clip! His reactions are always priceless and this was no exception. In this playful round of fluffy golden versus hair clip, who do you think will be the winner?
What was your favorite part???
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  1. Cody Young

    Cody Young

    6 dagen geleden

    me heakken nukken blunken

  2. Cody Young

    Cody Young

    6 dagen geleden

    he is a sweat boy

  3. Mary Dian

    Mary Dian

    8 dagen geleden

    Me on the outside:😑😑 Me on the inside:🥰🥰

  4. Glenn Welsh

    Glenn Welsh

    10 dagen geleden

    He seems to believe that if it moves, it must be alive. He doesn't understand that you're the one making it snip snap and that it can't snip snap on its own.

  5. ciobanu maria

    ciobanu maria

    14 dagen geleden

    So funny

  6. Agent Frendly007

    Agent Frendly007

    15 dagen geleden

    Good boi

  7. Sarah M

    Sarah M

    15 dagen geleden

    Love Tucker and Linda. not a fan of the baby voice but it is what it is.

  8. oh my.

    oh my.

    17 dagen geleden

    He’s not a big man in the world but he’s my hero

  9. Iva Colt

    Iva Colt

    18 dagen geleden

    Y/n : nothing makes me laugh.. Tucker: so you have chosen death.

  10. Alyianna camacho

    Alyianna camacho

    19 dagen geleden

    Tucker is so silly he is so scared of a hair clip He is twitching when Linda is snapping the hair clipped to him😆😆😆😆😆😆

  11. Fernando Cortez

    Fernando Cortez

    19 dagen geleden

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 silly Golden Retriever

  12. Vitoba Gaonkar

    Vitoba Gaonkar

    20 dagen geleden

    Who was following Linda and Tucker channel before 1 million suscriber 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Magloire A.

    Magloire A.

    21 dag geleden


  14. Sophie Fisher

    Sophie Fisher

    21 dag geleden

    He does NOT like that hairclip

  15. Chris Heib

    Chris Heib

    22 dagen geleden

    She is such a good owner I love these videos

  16. Dog cute

    Dog cute

    23 dagen geleden

    Nice video 🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕💕💕🐕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕🐕💕

  17. Dog cute

    Dog cute

    23 dagen geleden

    SUPER 🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌸🌿🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸

  18. Gwenevere


    23 dagen geleden

    Very sweet dog....raised exceptionally..

  19. Vasantha Kengatharan

    Vasantha Kengatharan

    24 dagen geleden

    Some doggo need to fart 💨 🤢

  20. E Martelli

    E Martelli

    26 dagen geleden

    Tucker is an amazing boy

  21. JuicyMuscprod


    26 dagen geleden

    When he was looking at and trying to make it do something, he was. Thats what experts say when they play with objects like that, they want it to come alive and play. So the subtitles weren't wrong 100 percent.

  22. Aya Davis

    Aya Davis

    27 dagen geleden

    Guys we better try this to our dogs

  23. Virginia James

    Virginia James

    29 dagen geleden

    He makes me laugh soo hard my stomach hurts

  24. Sylvia Escamilla

    Sylvia Escamilla

    29 dagen geleden

    I Love the way tucker is so cute and when he was a baby

  25. Martlin


    Maand geleden

    Tucker looks photoshopped with his gorgeous coat. What a handsome boy.

  26. Borritaliana


    Maand geleden


  27. Gigi Goltsios

    Gigi Goltsios

    Maand geleden

    Hekkin snip snaper

  28. Edith Parra

    Edith Parra

    Maand geleden

    I know right she is the BeST

  29. Chu Chu

    Chu Chu

    Maand geleden

    Who else willl be sad when tucker passes awwy

  30. Cutie Buttercup do

    Cutie Buttercup do

    Maand geleden


  31. Kam NYC

    Kam NYC

    Maand geleden

    Tucker is the smartest dog ever. Super cool doggie

  32. test tubes

    test tubes

    Maand geleden

    As a dog I can only imagine such torture

  33. Fran Hollenback

    Fran Hollenback

    Maand geleden

    Hooman: what’s this? Doggo: idk *snip snaps* Doggo: HEKK U Me: laughing my butt off

  34. 1eah


    Maand geleden

    0:52 she sounded so cute like if you agree

  35. Shibu Menon

    Shibu Menon

    Maand geleden

    Howdo u train goldens, i have a golden puppy rn and 9 need help on training pls

  36. icy_cupcake:3


    Maand geleden

    This channel shall go down in HISTORY

  37. Bakugo


    Maand geleden

    I'm a sloth and a cat person but I liked this person's videos I watched almost all of them

  38. TheGenieWolf


    Maand geleden

    It looks like a whale with teeth

  39. Cathy Le

    Cathy Le

    Maand geleden

    It’s like cat nip for dogs.



    Maand geleden

    Dogy language : He so funny 🤣🤣🤣

  41. Aaron Jacob

    Aaron Jacob

    Maand geleden

    hekking snip snap thats the new name of the hair clips XD XD XD XD i was laughing to death cus i like the way he talks

  42. God's Soldier

    God's Soldier

    Maand geleden

    Csn you add caption?

  43. J. Fielden

    J. Fielden

    Maand geleden

    Tucker: Let me juss do a warm up

  44. Zoom


    Maand geleden


  45. Laxmi Saha

    Laxmi Saha

    Maand geleden

    I love your 🐕 soooooooo much

  46. Jade Contreras

    Jade Contreras

    Maand geleden


  47. Kenneth Ng

    Kenneth Ng

    Maand geleden

    Stand a bot in e and & timer

  48. Kenneth Ng

    Kenneth Ng

    Maand geleden


  49. Kenneth Ng

    Kenneth Ng

    Maand geleden

    National Geographi Republic

  50. Kenneth Ng

    Kenneth Ng

    Maand geleden

    16 at @

  51. Jose Maderas

    Jose Maderas

    Maand geleden

    It's not boring, I just like 😴.

  52. Jose Maderas

    Jose Maderas

    Maand geleden


  53. kiley meyer

    kiley meyer

    Maand geleden

    Why is tucker so cute🥰

  54. J. Fielden

    J. Fielden

    Maand geleden

    Linda looks like my teacher

  55. Gacha Kyle

    Gacha Kyle

    Maand geleden

    0:01 HECC

  56. Emxa


    Maand geleden

    This is so hilarious

  57. Velma Flatley

    Velma Flatley

    Maand geleden

    The ill-fated racing quickly jump because digital chiefly license between a damaging cloth. lovely, green grey grieving uganda

  58. シNotz Kawaii

    シNotz Kawaii

    Maand geleden

    My cat: u ogly douge Rawr💥😼

  59. Joseph Guerriero

    Joseph Guerriero

    Maand geleden


  60. chrissy


    Maand geleden

    That so cute and adorable +funny

  61. Marsha Prescod

    Marsha Prescod

    Maand geleden

    He so funny when he got mad hahah

  62. Cᴏᴜɴᴛʀʏ Cᴜᴛɪᴇシ

    Cᴏᴜɴᴛʀʏ Cᴜᴛɪᴇシ

    Maand geleden

    He protecc He attacc He eat all his snacc But most importantly he defends home from snip snap

  63. Yolonda Branham

    Yolonda Branham

    Maand geleden

    The unusual spain invariably grip because editor sequently shiver toward a imaginary panda. gifted, impartial mercury

  64. Le Mustäard

    Le Mustäard

    Maand geleden

    How??!! I thought tucker died? Lies were told by the world

  65. Nikki's Channel

    Nikki's Channel

    Maand geleden

    All i have to say is sooo 😍 😊 😚 🐻 🐰

  66. J. Fielden

    J. Fielden

    Maand geleden

    Hahahahahaha dogs are so funny and dumb as a rock

  67. Danielle Hogan

    Danielle Hogan

    Maand geleden

    I love Tucker’s reaction

  68. Stealth_Assassin


    Maand geleden

    Me binging tuckers vids:

  69. FIRST Chance

    FIRST Chance

    Maand geleden


  70. Alan Santiago

    Alan Santiago

    Maand geleden

    Do you know that how you rite hek is wrong it’s actually h e c k ok 👍

  71. Mayson Limbu

    Mayson Limbu

    Maand geleden

    OMG SO CUTE but i have an idea for a prank vidio pretend to get arrested and see how they react pls btw your dog IS THE CUTEST!!!

  72. The king beast 88

    The king beast 88

    Maand geleden

    Tucker good boi

  73. Mamta Arora

    Mamta Arora

    Maand geleden

    He is too cuteeeeee

  74. Sam Beltran

    Sam Beltran

    Maand geleden

    Tucker is so cute and funny 😍😅🤣

  75. gaming blaster

    gaming blaster

    Maand geleden

    Why is always tucker eyes are like closed

  76. Sheena Maria

    Sheena Maria

    Maand geleden

    Tucker is so so funny when the clipper is gonna clip Tucker

  77. sharky playz

    sharky playz

    Maand geleden

    Sorry i havent seen your vids but ill watch them but anyways i love your vids!

  78. Shortboys 23

    Shortboys 23

    Maand geleden

    0:27 Tucker the skunk

  79. Kaunain Tayeb

    Kaunain Tayeb

    Maand geleden

    Pls give me tucker pls

  80. Sxmply_Amxlia


    Maand geleden

    U sound like my music teacher lol

  81. Alizay M

    Alizay M

    Maand geleden

    Snippy snap snoop

  82. Abhinav Doma

    Abhinav Doma

    Maand geleden

    Bro my dog loves them bites the heck out of them

  83. Paul Cha

    Paul Cha

    Maand geleden

    Linda be wise tuker will pass away soon so be wise please😶

  84. Miss Elliott

    Miss Elliott

    Maand geleden


  85. RamjayVlogAndGames Family

    RamjayVlogAndGames Family

    Maand geleden

    The funny moment is when tuckwr going down we saw his butt

  86. M.R. Ayesha

    M.R. Ayesha

    Maand geleden

    So cute

  87. Hodan Ahmed

    Hodan Ahmed

    Maand geleden

    Hahahahaha soo funny I love your dog I wish I had won that funny

  88. Unicornplayz123


    Maand geleden


  89. Tiffany


    Maand geleden

    heyy i remember you from tiktok

  90. Lia Ashlyn

    Lia Ashlyn

    Maand geleden

    He is such a smart and adorable doggie

  91. Zera Menard

    Zera Menard

    Maand geleden

    Tucker is so hilarious. My daughter and I absolutely love watching Tucker he is so sweet. Thank you for making us laugh.

  92. pollytoolydeath wish125x

    pollytoolydeath wish125x

    Maand geleden


  93. pollytoolydeath wish125x

    pollytoolydeath wish125x

    Maand geleden

    This is

  94. Kav Sav

    Kav Sav

    Maand geleden

    You’ve spoilt such a trainable dog so much. What the hell is wrong with you?



    Maand geleden

    "Who thought the thumbnail was a gun"

  96. Stephen Canada

    Stephen Canada

    Maand geleden

    I have tucker emogy

  97. Country Boy Magic

    Country Boy Magic

    Maand geleden

    Hi Tucker congratulations great experience and you are always soo cute and kind

  98. Natalie's Castle Playtime

    Natalie's Castle Playtime

    2 maanden geleden

    😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣this is cracking me up

  99. GoldFoxy Jammer

    GoldFoxy Jammer

    2 maanden geleden

    His Butt so Floofy Tho-

  100. yshana mae

    yshana mae

    2 maanden geleden

    Tucker scared