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My Dog Does Weird Things | PART 2

My Dog Does Weird Things | Part 2
Back by popular demand...another round of Tucker doing weird things. There is never a dull moment with this little floofer. Tucker always does funny and weird things. Here are some more clips that are bound to make you laugh!
What was your favorite part?
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  1. Laura Aston

    Laura Aston

    Dag geleden


  2. Laura Aston

    Laura Aston

    Dag geleden

    Tucker is funny

  3. Jenna Batlivala

    Jenna Batlivala

    2 dagen geleden

    0:50 your punishment when you don’t like what linda is doing

  4. Haydee Gomez

    Haydee Gomez

    3 dagen geleden

    Its so cute tucker budzyn we love you

  5. • Kitty-Chan •

    • Kitty-Chan •

    4 dagen geleden

    I hate weenies

  6. Murphy Smurfy&Friends

    Murphy Smurfy&Friends

    5 dagen geleden

    How many face expressions Tucker has? Tucker: Too many why askin?🤗😝🙃

  7. Antonio Tiberi

    Antonio Tiberi

    9 dagen geleden

    Tucker has a super scrunchy face

  8. donna pham

    donna pham

    13 dagen geleden

    Tucker you are so cute.....

  9. Cindy Collier

    Cindy Collier

    14 dagen geleden

    Don’t sniff its

  10. Cindy Collier

    Cindy Collier

    14 dagen geleden


  11. Cindy Collier

    Cindy Collier

    14 dagen geleden

    No food

  12. Cindy Collier

    Cindy Collier

    14 dagen geleden

    No dottel

  13. Cindy Collier

    Cindy Collier

    14 dagen geleden

    Hhooo farted

  14. Kat Nguyen

    Kat Nguyen

    14 dagen geleden

    I love his hi fives!! So cute!! 🥰

  15. Leah Eats

    Leah Eats

    16 dagen geleden

    Linda- “what was that” Tucker- “death”

  16. Monica Vaught

    Monica Vaught

    16 dagen geleden

    OMG! I Love his his face!! Beautiful! Very well taken care of, very loved Golden!!!

  17. Tracy Heinz

    Tracy Heinz

    17 dagen geleden


  18. J K

    J K

    17 dagen geleden

    Was a golden opportunity to edit in some arrested development chicken bits, but you'd probably have to get permission

  19. Walden Charles

    Walden Charles

    18 dagen geleden

    The real life NLcameras wow

  20. J. Fielden

    J. Fielden

    18 dagen geleden


  21. scarlett gresham

    scarlett gresham

    19 dagen geleden

    Can you please do a part 3

  22. Nimisha Jathan

    Nimisha Jathan

    19 dagen geleden

    Omg his fluffy hairs 😊😊😄😄

  23. Roxy.Royal.Roblox


    20 dagen geleden

    One time my golden retreiver (it’s her in my profile) picked a fight with a water bottle and she lost... 😐 umm

  24. Cartoon Hub

    Cartoon Hub

    20 dagen geleden

    Sooo cute

  25. 나래집사


    22 dagen geleden

    I enjoyed watching it. He's so cute and cool. He's good at acting.

  26. Laura Aston

    Laura Aston

    23 dagen geleden

    Woof woof🐶

  27. Russel Menezes

    Russel Menezes

    24 dagen geleden

    I live in a hotel

  28. Cynthia Sterling

    Cynthia Sterling

    25 dagen geleden

    He’s so fun to watch, weird he’s not afraid of fireworks, but you’re bottle... funny he had to check himself when someone was using the trimmer. Luv Tucker 🥰

  29. Darla Lalthantluangi

    Darla Lalthantluangi

    25 dagen geleden

    ... hey I'm your big fan I love you my mom is sad I can download the app

  30. P.S.Ashish 10th

    P.S.Ashish 10th

    26 dagen geleden

    The funniest part is tucker saying oh my dog🤣🤣🤣

  31. Rio and mom's vlog

    Rio and mom's vlog

    26 dagen geleden

    the dog is probably so confused because linda is talking to herself and the dog probably didnt think of any of these words on his mind

  32. K M

    K M

    26 dagen geleden

    Tucker is like smart human lol.

  33. Rio and mom's vlog

    Rio and mom's vlog

    26 dagen geleden

    the "wall has farts" made me explode with laughter

  34. Mari Ovashvili

    Mari Ovashvili

    26 dagen geleden


  35. Julian Ethan

    Julian Ethan

    27 dagen geleden

    The wooden crush perplexingly hug because slime semiannually intend athwart a cute dream. sore, grouchy step



    28 dagen geleden

    1:20 who agrees that it looks like a mirror

  37. Kiri Fox

    Kiri Fox

    28 dagen geleden

    LOVE THIS SO MUCH funynes

  38. IFHQ


    29 dagen geleden

    Im gonna say it, I really dont like where that door stopper is at the beginning, its supposed to be on the wall, in that position if that door gets flung open for some reason, that stopper is going to embed itself in the wall

  39. Sean Mahoney

    Sean Mahoney

    29 dagen geleden

    tucker face just makes u subscribe and like the video

  40. amstks


    Maand geleden

    He a chicken tho he loves chicken

  41. Ella Smith

    Ella Smith

    Maand geleden

    How old is tucker

  42. Noha Nagy

    Noha Nagy

    Maand geleden

    I love how tucker acts

  43. WT Student Woodward

    WT Student Woodward

    Maand geleden

    I’m laughing so hard I’m crying! 😂🤣

  44. Carmen Jensen

    Carmen Jensen

    Maand geleden

    he is SO F.CKING FUNNY

  45. Fiona O Hehir

    Fiona O Hehir

    Maand geleden

    “No Linda NOT the bottle. This has gone too far dis time”

  46. Daughter of Poseidon

    Daughter of Poseidon

    Maand geleden

    1:20 I thought he was standing in front of a mirror

  47. Just Being me

    Just Being me

    Maand geleden


  48. Katyb Dorton

    Katyb Dorton

    Maand geleden

    When I was in the 8th grade my uncle got me a golden retriever puppy, who was ironically enough named tucker. I loved tuck tuck dearly. Your tucker reminds me alot of my old friend, especially with the way he paws random objects. My grandparents raised me and my grandma who was not an animal person let tuck do whatever he pleased, he would smack the back door with his back left foot to indicate he wanted outside.

  49. Brynn Nepple

    Brynn Nepple

    Maand geleden

    I don’t even know how people can dislike this!

  50. Bobby


    Maand geleden

    Has Tucker ever rubbed on wall when he was muddy? That would be bad... goofy tucker

  51. Namal Kaan

    Namal Kaan

    Maand geleden

    I just can't believe a dog 🐕 just scared 😨😳 for an 🍼🍾

  52. Gia Quinn

    Gia Quinn

    Maand geleden

    “hekkin bootle” 😂

  53. Ares14


    Maand geleden

    lev him lonesombe

  54. Suzanne Partridge

    Suzanne Partridge

    Maand geleden

    I love tucker he cute so cute

  55. Suzanne Partridge

    Suzanne Partridge

    Maand geleden

    Hi dumb tucker

  56. EstebanPlayzRoblox


    Maand geleden

    Am busy

  57. Lincoln Vidal

    Lincoln Vidal

    Maand geleden

    Man this dog is Very Siri’s of new nosies 😬😮

  58. TikTok Account

    TikTok Account

    Maand geleden

    Is he the one farting 😂

  59. Nicolz


    Maand geleden

    *gasp* Just use the water bottle when working out so he won’t bother u anymore Tucker: HEKK U LINDA

  60. Wyatt Scully

    Wyatt Scully

    Maand geleden

    How he high-fived Linda hahaah



    Maand geleden

    I can’t believe the real NLcameras commented

  62. Kelsey


    Maand geleden

    lol the epic music during the water bottle scene so great!

  63. Lutfia Kassem

    Lutfia Kassem

    Maand geleden

    Linda:its just a bottle Tucker: it’s more then that

  64. 360 23 Harish Karthikeyan

    360 23 Harish Karthikeyan

    Maand geleden

    Get it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  65. X IzacBeLikeAlpha X

    X IzacBeLikeAlpha X

    Maand geleden

    1:11 made me laugh XD

    • Michea l

      Michea l

      Maand geleden

      Lol yes

  66. Marguerite Conradie

    Marguerite Conradie

    Maand geleden

    I'm obsessed with Tucker he is so cute 🍄🤌🏻

  67. • Sołar Ecłipse •

    • Sołar Ecłipse •

    Maand geleden

    I love how he always has this concerned curious face on 😂🤣

  68. Doges are best Doggos:p

    Doges are best Doggos:p

    Maand geleden


  69. Sangeeta Sharma

    Sangeeta Sharma

    Maand geleden

    Such a handsome, manly face

  70. Lillian Stephens

    Lillian Stephens

    Maand geleden

    I love that he is scared of the door stoppers. My dog pawed at then and chewed them off😂

  71. Koh Baro

    Koh Baro

    Maand geleden

    The staking play logistically repair because party diagnostically unlock except a stale europe. simple, mute punch

  72. Fatima Hussain

    Fatima Hussain

    Maand geleden

    What a beautiful dog

  73. Nederlandse Ridder

    Nederlandse Ridder

    Maand geleden

    Ah yes, terrorizing your dog with a water bottle for views

  74. fourstoke clay

    fourstoke clay

    Maand geleden

    Wall who do you think i am tucker DEATH

  75. Coners Willson

    Coners Willson

    Maand geleden

    Who in the right mind would dislike this-

    • Monica Vaught

      Monica Vaught

      16 dagen geleden

      No idea!!!!

  76. Velma Flatley

    Velma Flatley

    Maand geleden

    The gullible gusty boot concomitantly itch because competitor analogically tumble towards a nippy bengal. blue, elfin lan

  77. Sudha p k

    Sudha p k

    Maand geleden

    My god what an amazing expression

  78. Kimberly Dean

    Kimberly Dean

    Maand geleden

    Tucker: Is that you tooin' Linda? Me: *toots* Also me: No tucker that was me buddy!😁 LYSM tucker, you make my days brighter❤️

  79. johnsmi213


    Maand geleden

    I got nervous around the door stopper as a kid, too. There was a point where I thought, "Is this a snake?" 'Cause I had a fear of snakes and it had ridges; I don't know. I also was nervous around my garden hose sometimes.

  80. Kingofintroverts1127


    Maand geleden


  81. Lu1sGamingC00L


    Maand geleden

    ᶜᵃⁿ ᵃⁿʸᵒⁿᵉ ˢᵉᵉ ᵐʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗˀ

  82. Kashvi Pal

    Kashvi Pal

    Maand geleden

    Hekk you Linda 😂

  83. Lyddi k

    Lyddi k

    Maand geleden

    He's so cuuuttte

  84. Debbie Dyer

    Debbie Dyer

    Maand geleden

    OMG! His face!!! We need one of those talking dog collars from the movie UP. Can you imagine what he's thinking ????

  85. Audrey Kimbrough

    Audrey Kimbrough

    Maand geleden

    2:50 "yep double high fives Linda what can u do... huh"

  86. bina -gamerz

    bina -gamerz

    Maand geleden

    why you scared of a water bottle

  87. Angel Stewart

    Angel Stewart

    Maand geleden

    Why do you treat tucker like a baby

  88. Angel Stewart

    Angel Stewart

    Maand geleden

    I don't wanna be rude but why do you treat tucker like a baby

  89. LunarWWolf


    Maand geleden

    Tru story i is also afraid of bottle AND fir warks

  90. Prime Soulzy YT

    Prime Soulzy YT

    Maand geleden

    Bro i find it kinda sad how everyone is adoring the dog only but she is making it funnier especially with the subtitles

  91. Tamh_loverpoopfat Boogie

    Tamh_loverpoopfat Boogie

    Maand geleden

    Linda: your a chicken tucker Tucker: escuese me

  92. Ahmad Gardley

    Ahmad Gardley

    Maand geleden

    Linda are you about it are you about to do some thing

  93. Monika Wozniak

    Monika Wozniak

    Maand geleden

    i love u and ur dog!!!!

  94. ElsieC 26540

    ElsieC 26540

    Maand geleden


  95. kevion


    Maand geleden

    Omg I cant stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  96. Tanika Gambhir

    Tanika Gambhir

    Maand geleden

    So cute and adorable 😍💕

  97. aporue 589

    aporue 589

    Maand geleden

    ''bootle.'' X''D

  98. Celina Avila

    Celina Avila

    Maand geleden


  99. Jessica Gonzalez

    Jessica Gonzalez

    Maand geleden

    Tucker is so cute

  100. Stranger Things Lady

    Stranger Things Lady

    Maand geleden

    Lol, my Golden Retriever is afraid of speakers! They don’t even have to be on!